Proposed Progressive Party of Iowa

State Platform



Statement of Principles

The purpose of the Progressive Party is to promote and advance the principles of economic, social and environmental justice, and uphold civil rights, civil liberties, and constitutional government.

We, the People of the Progressive Party of Iowa, affirm the following:

We support a strong separation of church and state as envisioned by our founding fathers and incorporated in the constitution of the United States of America.

We believe that democracy requires empowering people not only in government, but also in the workplace, schools and in the economy.

We believe that everyone is entitled to decent work with a living wage in safe working environments.

We believe in basic needs, including housing, food, healthcare, education and energy which must be affordable to all and not the means for private profit.

We believe in and will continue to work for a truly representative government that works for the good of ALL human beings in a compassionate, responsible and progressive way that works to achieve, peace, prosperity, and fairness.


Statement of Issues

Agriculture, Energy, & Environment

Food Supply and Safety

We support:

  1. Strong standards/safety testing requirements for USDA organic labeling
  2. Legal/enforceable definition/testing/regulation/research of GMOs
  3. Clear food labeling of:
    1. GMOs
    2. Gene-edited organisms
    3. Irradiation
    4. Hormones
    5. Antibiotics
    6. Additives
    7. Origin
    8. Agricultural chemicals
    9. Imitations
    10. Processing location



We support:

  1. RES requirements (100% by 2025)
  2. Carbon tax reducing CO2 to 350ppm


Planning and Zoning

We support:

  1. Requiring county approval of fossil fuel pipelines


We oppose:

  1. Eminent domain abuse
  2. Annexation without binding votes of property owners


Acronyms used in this section

GMO – Genetically Modified Organism

RES – Renewable Energy Standard

USDA – United States Department of Agriculture



Education Funding from Stat

We support:

  1. Legislature establishing PreK-12 funding within the first month of a legislative year or default to an automatic 4% annual increase two years in advance
  2. Minimum 4% annual SSA for schools/AEAs/community colleges


Funding PreK-12

We support:

  1. Academic integration of technology
  2. ELL/ESL
  3. Fine/applied arts
  4. Foreign languages
  5. Free, healthy meals for all students
  6. High-quality, tuition-free public education
  7. Diversity/multicultural/LGBTQIA-inclusive training/resources for staff/teachers/administrators


PreK-12 Optimal Learning Environment

We support:

  1. Eliminating de-facto public schools segregation
  2. Eliminating racial disparities in discipline polices/suspensions/referrals that create “school-to-prison-pipeline”
  3. Iowa Safe-Schools initiative, including anti-bullying education
  4. Reduced class size, including budget weighting


PreK-12 Public School Programming

We support:

  1. Age-appropriate financial planning instruction
  2. Civics education
  3. Comprehensive, evidence-based health/sex education including accurate LGBTQIA inclusion presented by qualified personnel


Post-secondary Education

We support:

  1. Proportionate compensation for educators
  2. Sexual assault zero-tolerance policy
  3. Tuition-free state colleges/universities (equivalent support to students at nonprofits)
  4. Subsidize tuition for students in underrepresented medical fields, who agree to remain and practice in Iowa Community Health Centers after graduation


Post-secondary Loans

We support:

  1. 100% tax deductible interest
  2. Retroactive consumer protection practices (e.g. bankruptcy/wage garnishment/death forgiveness/3% interest cap)


Acronyms Used in this Section

AEA – Area Education Agency

ELL – English Language Learners

ESL – English as a Second Language

LGBTQIA – Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, and Asexual

SSA – Iowa legislature: Supplemental State Aid to education


Government, Law, Military & Veterans

Campaigns, Elections, and American Institutions

We support:

  1. Voter-marked paper ballots
  2. Automatic/same-day voter registration
  3. National elections/caucuses as paid holidays
  4. Iowa’s redistricting system used nationwide
  5. Absentee/early voting
  6. Limiting and requiring public disclosure of contributions to campaigns/PACs


We oppose:

  1. Voter IDs
  2. Citizens United
  3. Super delegates
  4. Voter suppression of any kind
  5. Gerrymandering


Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

We support:

  1. Full federal equality for LGBTQIA individuals, including amending the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to include “sexual orientation” and “gender identity”
  2. Removing gender/sex from government forms including voter registration
  3. Removing gender/sex from state IDs/licenses
  4. DOJ investigation of deaths in law enforcement custody
  5. Hate crimes legislation including “sexual orientation” and “gender identity”


We oppose:

  1. Constitutional amendments restricting marriage
  2. Mass incarceration, mandatory sentencing
  3. Private prisons
  4. Religious exemptions to LGBTQIA civil rights
  5. Corporate personhood


Military and Veterans’ Affairs

We support:

  1. Investigation/prosecution of sexual assault/harassment cases in United States civilian courts
  2. Programs to reestablish veterans back into communities, eliminate homelessness
  3. Raising Iowa’s Veterans’ benefits, education resources
  4. Expanding USERRA


We oppose:

  1. Budget cuts impacting VA’s ability to operate
  2. Distribution of military combat equipment to law enforcement or any other public entity


Taxation and Social Security

We support:

  2. Reforming TIF
  3. A COLA minimum for SS recipients of 2%


We oppose:

  1. Privatization/profitization of government services
  2. Chained CPI
  3. Taxation of unemployment, workers’ compensation, disability/SS benefits


Gun Safety

We support:

  1. Universal background checks
  2. Banning assault weapons
  3. Closing “gun show loopholes”
  4. Gun-free zones
  5. Temporary confiscation of firearms from individuals under DANCOs


We oppose:

  1. “stand your ground” laws
  2. Open carry




We support:

  1. Comprehensive immigration reform with reasonable citizenship pathways
  2. State/federal DREAM Act and DAPA/DACA/TVDL/UAFA
  3. Basic civil rights for immigrants


We oppose:

  1. Detention of undocumented immigrant minors


Government Services

We support:

  1. Aggressively prosecuting government officials for quid pro quo activity
  2. Postal/public banking services
  3. Substantive funding for:
    1. Infrastructure and services
    2. State court system
    3. Legal services/public defenders
    4. ICRC
    5. CDC gun violence studies/NICS


Criminal Justice

We support:

  1. Reducing/commuting sentences, pardoning nonviolent drug offenders
  2. Legalizing cannabis/hemp
  3. Body cameras for law enforcement
  4. Civilian review boards


We oppose:

  1. Capital punishment
  2. Mandatory minimum sentencing
  3. Religious/ethnic/racial profiling
  4. Charging defendants for court-appointed attorneys, probation, community service, jail rent


Consumer Protection

We support:

  1. Strengthening/expanding/vigorously enforcing corporate anti-trust laws
  2. Strengthening laws protecting consumers from predatory lenders and abusive debt-collection
  3. Enforcement and strengthening of Dodd-Frank Act


Acronyms Used in this Section

CDC – Center for Disease Control and Prevention

COLA – Cost of Living Adjustment

CPI – Consumer Price Index

DACA – Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

DANCO – Domestic Abuse No Contact Orders

DAPA – Deferred Action for Parents of Americans

DOJ – Department of Justice

DREAM – Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors

ICRA – Iowa Civil Rights Commission

LGBTQIA – Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, and Asexual

NICS – National Instant Criminal Background Check System

SCIA – Stop Corporate Inversions Act

SS – Social Security

TEA – Taxpayer Empowerment Agenda

TIF – Tax Incremented Financing

TVDL – Temporary Visitor’s Driver’s License

UAFA – Uniting American Families Act

USERRA – Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act


Health and Human Services

General Health

We support:

  1. Comprehensive, full-spectrum single-payer health care system, including dental, vision, hearing, preventive and mental health care as well as providing coverage for proven alternatives to western medicine such as acupuncture, naturopathic, and chiropractic treatments
  2. Establish Community Health Centers to deliver health care services throughout the state
  3. Death with Dignity Act
  4. Stem-cell research
  5. Comprehensive diversity training including an LGBTQIA component for healthcare providers
  6. Increased NIH and NSF funding
  7. Expanding Native American health services


We oppose:

  1. Denial. Substandard care due to personal/political/religious bias by medical/pharmaceutical professionals
  2. Prescription drug advertising


Mental Health and Addictions

We support:

  1. Mental health parity/availability/affordability
  2. Restoring/expanding MHIs
  3. Sufficient funding for CMHCs
  4. Suicide awareness/prevention programs
  5. Treating addiction as a mental health condition


Children and Families

We support:

  1. Adequate funding for services:
    1. Child welfare systems
    2. Child and maternal health programs
    3. IME services to the annual CDRT
    4. High, quality, subsidized child care
    5. Prenatal and early childhood programs
    6. Family support programs
    7. Youth homeless shelters
    8. Children’s mental health system
  2. Mandatory NCARs
  3. WIC expansion
  4. Gender-neutral guardianship policies
  5. Kinship-care/foster-care parity


We oppose:

  1. Conversion therapy
  2. Non-medical exemptions to immunizations
  3. Surgical gender-assignments at birth


Adults, Aging and Disability


We support:

  1. Rigorous, timely state inspection of:
    1. SNF
    2. ALF
    3. MIMR facilities
  2. Protecting LGBTIQA elders against discrimination
  3. Increased funding for:
    1. OAA/LTCOP
    2. Dementia research while expanding diagnosis/care
    3. Elder-abuse prevention
    4. AAA


Reproductive Rights

We support:

  1. Rights of women to make their own reproductive choices
  2. Student access to barrier-based contraceptives in public-schools


We oppose:

  1. Restricting access to medically necessary abortions
  2. Prerequisite waiting periods for abortions


Reimbursement and Coverage

We support:

  1. Sufficient long-term funding for Medicare/Medicaid
  2. Regulating health care/prescription drug costs
  3. Expanding Medicare/Medicaid to include LTC
  4. Medicare/Medicaid negotiation for lower drug prices
  5. Medicare/Medicaid coverage of prescribed hearing aids
  6. Permanent, enforceable oversight committee for MMCP
  7. Insurance coverage/parity for:
    1. Contraceptives/abortions
    2. Transgender-related healthcare including gender confirming surgeries
    3. Compound/natural medications
    4. Alternative/complementary medicine including using drugs for off label use
  8. COLA for Medicare, disability benefits


We oppose:

  1. Privatization of health care services
  2. Privatization of Medicare/Medicaid


Housing and Homelessness

We support:

  1. Safe, decent affordable housing for all
  2. Expanding HUD to include Sec. 8, 42 programs


Veteran’s Health

We support:

  1. Free healthcare for all Veterans
  2. Expedited VA services for health/disability treatment
  3. Full entitlement of medical benefits to National Guard, Coast Guard, Reservists, including activated/training injuries
  4. Covered care including:
    1. Mental health/family counseling
    2. Transgender related healthcare including gender confirmation surgeries
    3. Substance abuse
    4. Suicide prevention
    5. Transportation to/from approved non-VA appointments including discharge
    6. Prosthetics


Acronyms Used in this Section

AAA – Area Agencies on Aging

ALF – Assisted-Living Facilities

CDRT – Child Death Review Team

CMHC – Community Mental Health Centers

COLA – Cost of Living Adjustment

HUD – Housing and Urban Development

IME – Iowa Medical Examiners

LGBTQIA – Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Intersex

LTC – Long-Term Care

LTCOP – Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program

MHI – Mental Health Institutions

MMCP – Medicaid Managed Care Program

NCAR – National Child Abuse Registries

NIH – National Institutes of Health

NSF – National Science Foundation

OAA – Older Americans Act

SNF – Skilled Nursing Facilities

VA – Veterans Administration

WIC – Women, Infants, and Children



Economy, Labor, and Commerce

Labor, Wages, Worker’s Rights and Safety

We support:

  1. EFCA
  2. Improving unemployment insurance benefits
  3. Expanding Davis-Bacon to include all publicly funded projects
  4. Repeal of all “right-to-work” laws
  5. Protecting public employees’ rights by maintaining Iowa Chapter 20 in its current form
  6. “Equal Pay for Equal Work”
  7. Paid family leave
  8. Replacing the minimum wage with a “living wage” of at least $15 per hour, annualized to CPI
  9. The Paycheck Fairness Act


We oppose:

  1. Job misclassification
  2. Employer wage theft
  3. Employer-issued debit cards
  4. Privatizing public-sector jobs


Pension and Insurance

We support:

  1. Actuarially adequate funded IPERS/MFPRS for long-term financing
  2. Creating hybrid COLA to replace depleted FED in IPERS
  3. Public employees’ statewide health insurance program


Budget and Taxation

We support:

  1. Progressive tax structure, taxing all income as earned income
  2. Eliminating social security taxable wage cap
  3. Applying social security taxes to all forms of income


We oppose:

  1. Tax breaks for companies outsourcing U.S. jobs


Commerce and Trade

We support:

  1. Equitable trade agreements assuring full transparency, protecting workers’ rights and the environment


We oppose:

  1. Fast-tracking trade agreements


Business Regulation

We support:

  1. “Too-big-to-fail” legislation
  2. 21st Century Glass-Steagall Act



We support:

  1. Net Neutrality
  2. Internet designated as a utility
  3. Online privacy rights
  4. Universal broadcast and broadband expansion and access


We oppose:

  1. NSA bulk data collection
  2. Social networking identification and password as a condition of employment


Acronyms Used in this Section

COLA – Cost of Living Adjustment

CPI – Consumer Price Index

EFCA – Employee Free Choice Act

FED – Favorable Experience Dividend

IPERS – Iowa Public Employees’ Retirement System

MFPRS – Municipal Fire and Police Retirement system


International Affairs

Peace and Security

We support:

  1. Peaceful conflict resolution, normalized U.S. diplomatic relations with all countries, and multi-lateral solutions to international problems
  2. Closing Guantanamo Bay detention facilities
  3. Eliminating all WMDs
  4. Gender equality/empowerment of women
  5. Ending violence against women, gender and sexual minorities, including genital mutilation/honor killings/forced marriage/sexual assault


We oppose:

  1. Persecution based on race/religion/sexual orientation/gender identity
  2. U.S. – sponsored regime changes, coups, juntas, unelected governments



We support:

  1. Equal human rights for Palestinians and Israelis
  2. Rights of BDS
  3. Escrowing aid to Israel until further settlements outside 1966 borders are stopped and Israel recognizes Palestine at 1966 borders
  4. Palestinian statehood/UN membership



We support:

  1. Reconstruction and refugee resettlement through international cooperation
  2. US acceptance of Syrian refugees


Central and South America and the Caribbean

We support:

  1. Normalized relations with Cuba
  2. Closing WHISC



We support:

  1. Famine relief
  2. Funding economic/agricultural development



We support:

  1. Containing North Korea’s nuclear weapons diplomatically


United Nations

We support:

  1. US participation/full dues payment without preconditions
  2. ATTCC
  3. Meeting SDG


Treaties and Conventions

We support:

  1. Adding sexual orientation and gender identity to Human Rights agreements
  2. Ratification and or full participation in:
    1. UDHR
    2. ICESCR
    3. CEDAW
    4. CRC
    5. CTBT
    6. BWC
    7. Paris Agreement Under the UNFCCC
    8. CWC
    9. UNCRPD
    10. UNCLOS
    11. GFATM
    12. START
    13. RSICC
    14. NPT
    15. APMBC
    16. ICRW
    17. ICJ
    18. HRC
    19. US Action Plan on UNSCR 1325
    20. CCM
    21. OPCAT
    22. ICPPED


Acronyms Used in this Section

APMBC – Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention

ATTC – Arms Trade Transfer Code of Conduct

BDS – Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions

BWC – Biological Weapons Convention/1925 Geneva Protocol

CCM – Convention on Cluster Munitions

CEDAW – Committee on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women

CRC – Convention on the Rights of the Child

CTBT – Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty

CWC – Chemical Weapons Convention

GFATM – Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

HRC – Human Rights Council

ICESCR – International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

ICJ – International Court of Justice

ICPPED – International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance

NPT – Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons

OPCAT – Optional Protocol to the Convention on Torture

RSICC – Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court

SDG – Sustainable Development Goals

START – Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty

UDHR – Universal Declaration of Human Rights

UNCLOS – United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea

UNCRPD – United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

UNFCCC – 1992 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

UNSCR 1325 – United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security

WHISC – Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation

WMD – Weapons of Mass Destruction