Sen. Chambers & Sen. Ashford: Repeal Nebraska’s SuperDOMA

marriage_equaltiy_3_0On Friday, November 1, 2013, Judiciary Chairperson Sen. Brad Ashford held a hearing at the Nebraska Unicameral to discuss the effects of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on Section 3 of the Federal Defense of Marriage Act as unconstitutional on Nebraska law.

In 2000, Nebraska voters passed a constitutional amendment which adds a definition of marriage as being between one man and one woman and prohibiting civil unions, domestic partnerships, and/or any other form of relationship recognition of same-sex couples.

At the hearing Sen. Ernie Chambers called the Federal DOMA the “worst, nuttiest, lame-brainest, discriminatory act ever enacted by a nutty, lame-brained collection of people known as the Congress.Sen.  Chambers also said he plans to introduce legislation in the next session to bring marriage equality to Nebraska and repeal Nebraska’s Super DOMA. (lincolnjournalstart) Sen. Brad Ashford agrees with Sen. Chambers that the State needs to repeal the SuperDOMA but doesn’t believe the state should pass marriage equality. (nebraskaraidonetwork)

Here is a video of the statements made by Sen. Ernie Chambers:

Video provided by Aksarbent


Forward Equality strongly supports Sen. Ernie Chambers decision to introduce legislation to bring marriage equality to Nebraska and strongly supports repealing Nebraska’s anti-LGBTQIA marriage amendment. Yet, our primary focus is the passage of Second Parent Adoption in Nebraska by passing State Senator Sara Howard’s Adoption Bill, LB380. LB380 would allow qualified unmarried couples to jointly adopt and clarifies provisions in State Law to allow qualified couples to use second parent adoption. In addition, we also support passage of State Senator Jeremy Nordquist’s Foster Care Fairness Act, LB385. LB385 would  allow LGBTQIA people to serve as foster parents, as long as they were relatives or had a previous significant relationship with the child.

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